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“ Our Merry MadMan is on a mission to liberate all. He may seem off-putting at first glance, but his devil-may-care attitude and contemptuous sneer are aimed at the oppressors of the human spirit and underline an overwhelming,
gleeful desire to unchain hearts and free worlds within us.”

The EP

“Child has been inadvertently in the making for quite some time. At 19, I started writing and performing the songs in Los Angeles. During my summer visits to Lebanon, I would get some of the guys into the studio. We would finish a track, add it to the vault and then go for a long time before revisiting. As years went by and our lives drew closer together, we’d hop back into the studio and play around on beat-up instruments, just having a blast and quietly marveling at the new stuff we were coming up with. Our sound has evolved and matured considerably since then, but this EP was a true labor of love and growth, both individually and as a band, showcasing lyrics that wholly reveal my frame of mind at the time; youthful angst, self awareness, heartbreak, inner struggles and emotions that I decided to brave head-on through these songs. For that reason, we’ve decided to share it with all entirely for free.”

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Coming soon

In partnership with Littletree, DBM Productions opened its wide spaces of The Citadel Studio for a group of young filmmakers to film and record The Revolver Sessions, a great live showcase for local and indie bands. I had the pleasure of being featured solo, playing acoustic renditions of several original songs. The episode will be shared on our website and all other social medias once its out. Until then, they’ve already uploaded their first episode. Check them out and support these talents.

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